A large church in Denver, Colorado has announced it is to go “LGBT inclusive”, stating that it is acting in “imitation of the wild, inclusive love of God that we see in Scripture”.

In a video message, members of the elder team of Denver Community Church say they have spent much of the last two years giving time to “listening and learning, to prayer and reflection, and discussion and discernment, how we, as a faith community, will move forward with, and for, the LGBT community”.



Bill Hybels is a well known pastor with a megachurch with global influence. Each year, Willow Creek Church, organizes an international leadership summit (Global Leadership Summit). My church, and several churches in Guadalajara, participate in this summit.

Yesterday, a Christian brother shared this video. Surprisingly, Pastor Bill addresses the topic of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) in a way that is not seen commonly in evangelical churches, especially in churches with the influence of Willow Creek Church. In this interview, starting in minute 19:10 and finishing in minute 31:43, pastor Bill, with emotion and visibly moved, recognizes that as church there must be a way we can hold in a biblical position on traditional marriage and be respectful and inclusive towards LGBT believers.

Even though the pastor Bill does not mention in detail how the church should address this position, it is valuable to hear influential Christian leaders with a more open and respectful position, because this will help many churches around the world to address the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity with deep seriousness in a biblical, spiritual and emotional way.

I know this is a process for the church, a process that can take years. For every Christian who is gay, recognition and acceptance is a process too that can, in many cases, be painful, but it is a process that is worth walking it with God.

I highly recommend this section of the video to see the 19:10 minute to 31:43. Here is the link to the video:


by Misty Irons

As someone who is a member of the Reformed branch of the conservative evangelical church, I have been asking myself what I would like to see happen in the future for us straight Christians who hold to a Side B position on homosexuality.  By Side B, what I mean is the view that God’s original intention at creation was for the marriage union to be between a man and a woman.  How can we hold to our beliefs in a way that is more true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and less true to our own fears, prejudices and human agendas?

love-thy-neighborSome years back when I was first seeking to hang out with more LGBT Christians, I realized my conservatism was going to be a problem.  I didn’t want to bear a label that would make people feel uneasy, and being straight and Side B might shut down conversation before it could even get off the ground.  So one day, feeling pretty stressed out about the whole thing, I just decided I was going to be Side A.  No study or anything—I just wanted to be affirming.  That way I could label myself as something that said to LGBT people, “See, I’m not hurtful, I’m not threatening.”  Besides, there were a number of aspects to the affirming view that I found appealing.


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This documentary shows several stories about parents who faced the coming out process of their LGB children. They share how they reacted, how they felt and what is good when a family needs to live this coming out process too!

Here the video:

Here the web page for the organization Lead with Love:

A long time ago I decided that I don’t really have to seek permission from anybody. I don’t need to ask permission to get married to him and fall in love, I do. I don’t need to ask permission to have a family. I have a family.

This video “The obstacle course” from Inter-LGBT (a French organization) shows how is the life of a gay person through his eyes!