cristianos by Marcos Vidal

Posted: May 1, 2014 in English entries, Faith, Media, Spanish entries
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As this is a Spanish blog too, I would like to share this week a song in Spanish. It is an old song but I heard it a few weeks ago for the first time. When I heard it, I was reading a blog entry in the Gay y Cristiano blog which owner has been interviewed in this blog in January. If you want to read this interview in English, please follow this link.

I have had this song in my mind since then because the song tells us about how church in this century is so divided. And it hurts a lot because the church is in this world to show JESÚS’s light instead of division. But this song is also a cry to ask JESÚS for His miracle to awake His church in this century that needs a lot a lot a lot of Him.


Debido a que este blog es también un blog en español, me gustaría compartir esta semana una canción en español. Es una canción un tanto vieja pero la escuché por primera vez hace unas semanas atrás. Cuando al escuché, estaba leyendo una entrada en el blog Gay y Cristiano cuyo dueño fue entrevistado en este blog en enero. Si deseas leer la entrevista en español, por favor usa este enlace.

He tenido esta canción en mi  mente desde entonces porque esta canción habla sobre cómo la iglesia de este siglo está demasiado dividida. Y esto duele mucho porque la iglesia está en este mundo para mostrar la luz de JESÚS en lugar de división. Pero esta canción también es un clamor para pedir a JESÚS por Su milagro para despertar Su iglesia en este siglo que necesita mucho  mucho mucho de Él.



English lyrics

Christians by Marcos Vidal

Before they were called Nazarenes, after Christians
today they don’t know how to call each group
there are so many…
Before when they looked them  they said : “See how they love each other ! ”
today when they contemplate them they repeat:
” See how they separate each other!”
Who knows which of them have the Truth?

How the enemy has managed to steal the land,
we started doing walls
forgetting the first things
that there is no true Christianity
behind a mask,
if we don’t reflect Jesus, we lose our goal.
That serving others is the greatest,
the Sermon on the Mount is still valid
that there is still a good example and humility of heart
and that there is no church neither life if there is no forgiveness .

Hopefully the teacher can say as I said for years:
“Weep no, she just sleeps, she is not dead .”
What’s wrong, beloved church, that you don’t react,
just sometimes you get excited  but  you don’t  changed completely?

Before they had everything in common and pray at night.
Today competing over who has
better house and better car.
Before embracing were dying in the arena of Roman circus
Today debate whether or not when praying to hold their hands.

Some believe in prophecies and others not,
Some preach about faith and love others ,
some speak other languages ​​and boast under
and the world die, die , die, without seeing the light .

Hopefully the teacher can say as I said for years:
“Weep not, she just sleeps, she is not dead.”
What’s wrong, beloved church, that you don´t react ,
just sometimes you get excited  but  you don’t  changed completely?

Jesus rose from the dead ,
And isn´t there anyone who will awake you?


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